Herbal Support During the Childbearing Cycle with Camille Freeman, RH (AHG)



Live Dates: September 3, 10, 17, and 24 (8:00 to 10:00 pm EST)
Classes will be recorded and available for participant viewing at any time.

In this 4-part series, we’ll discuss the physiological and psychospiritual changes and challenges associated with the stages of the childbearing cycle: preconception, pregnancy, and the postpartum period. In each class, we’ll cover techniques for assessment, common clinical scenarios, and appropriate herbal options. There will also be a class dedicated to supporting clients who choose assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF and IUI. You’ll be invited to apply what you’ve learned in case studies and discussions. You’ll leave the series with a wealth of resources, feeling more confident about working with clients who are in these life stages. Learn more here.

September 10th, 2020 8:00 PM through 10:00 PM